Mayor Jim Paine

“Welcome to Town of Independence. We are a community with a deep tradition of hard work and good times. Ideally located in the center of Tangipahoa Parish, Independence has a deep and proud tradition.

As mayor I am available and accessible. I believe in working with the Town Alderman to set our goals and then work hard to achieve these goals for the families and the businesses in our community.

My goal is to continue to move our town forward. I believe we have some of the best families in the parish and it is an honor and privilege to serve as Mayor of the Town of Independence. ”

Mayor Jim Paine is serving his first term as Mayor of Independence, but he is no stranger to leadership or politics. Mayor Paine served as a Town Alderman in the past, and constantly seeks to help make the Town of Independence the best it can be. Paine is a small business owner, so he knows of the challenges and struggles of owning a business. He is a fiscal conservative and ensures tax dollars are used wisely. Mayor Paine is also an active board member of the Independence Sicilian Heritage Festival, and he sees first-hand the thousands of people who come annually to Independence to enjoy and honor the Sicilian traditions and culture.