Mayor Angelo Mannino

“Welcome to the Town of Independence. Here you will find more good-hearted people than you can count, a rich and intriguing history, and a culture unlike anywhere else. As a town, we are always striving to improve and grow, while staying true to our heritage and history.

My goal is to be accessible and open, and maintain high standards of honesty and integrity in everything my administration does. My doors are always open, so feel free to come visit my office anytime. Just make sure you take time to stroll through our historic downtown district and appreciate our beautiful town first!”

Mayor Angelo Mannino is serving his first term as Mayor of Independence, but he is no stranger to leadership or politics. Mannino served as a Town Alderman in the past, and constantly seeks to help make the Town of Independence the best it can be. Mannino has worked for the Tangipahoa Parish Public School System as a school bus driver, which started his active interest in promoting opportunities for the youth of Independence. He is the owner of Mama Mannino’s Whitetail Butcher Shop. His past experience provides him with a unique perspective as a small business owner, school system employee, and past town alderman which enables him to lead effectively and creatively.